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Pino di Loto, Boutique B&B

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George Melampianakis

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The brief

In 2017, Pino di Loto B&B celebrated its 10th anniversary, signaling its expansion with two new executive suites. On this occasion, we undertook the project of creating a new brand identity, which would illustrate the values and history of the location and its interaction with the family’s heritage. To match the beginning of this new era, we undertook the project of redesigning the Pino di Loto website, creating an additional canvas to illustrate the character of this new transformation.

About the project

The logo was selected as the pivotal symbol that houses the new website, creating an imaginary canopy above the different narratives and images that form its content. The pine tree’s shadow that shelters its guests with warmth, security and a sense of constant evolution, constitutes a vital element of the new website’s architecture and undertakes an additional role; Simulating the shadow movement of the actual Pino di Loto pine tree throughout the day, it works as a symbol of personal connection between the location of Pino di Loto and each visitor, transfering the time and feeling of the B&B’s location over the world. The second pillar that intensifies the narratives is the sunset in Pino di Loto; Quoting the owners, “the best sunset in the world”. The identity’s color palette, inspired by the shades of the sunset, is transfered to the website, conveying a relaxing and calming experience. To boost this feeling, the scrolling mechanism in the homepage has been enhanced with a representation of what the visitor experiences after a prolonged observation of the sunset. A negative image, with color-reversed, abstract forms for the background elements that depict the location and simple gradients for the shades of the sunset, give the visitor the opportunity to recall his personal experience and compose the image based on the memory of his experience. We have also created maps and floorplans to help the user familiarize himself with the location prior to his visit, contributing to the relaxing experience from first impact, amplifying the visual journey.