Hello, world!

We are a design studio focused on the creation and development of visual identities, products, services and digital experiences.

We draw our inspiration from curiosity and the perpetual wondering of why. Our motive is to perceive every project both as a challenge and an opportunity. For us, the design procedure is an educational voyage, focused on a need. A trip without constants, where communication is the key to achieve optimum results, at any given case.

Toasted team consists of experts with a diverse range of skills, working either as a team or independently. For almost 20 years, we have been collaborating with creative agencies, artists, production companies and service providers, working on various design projects, constantly trying new techniques, materials and styles. We are commited to create sustainable products, treating them as part of a greater system that needs to be depicted and served, disengaged from the pursuit of plain visual satisfaction.

We are always looking for new partnerships so please don’t hesitate to connect with us, if you are up for the task!