Athens’ Oenotecture


New Old Wine World


We were commissioned to design a series of posters that would create a correlation between grape varieties and architectural landmarks of Athens through the prism of winemaking.

Oenotecture is a fusion of oenology and architecture, with the aim of creating a system to understand and experience wine. The system is broken down into 7 building blocks that can describe the general characteristics of each variety (CO2, alcohol, aromatic profile, tannins, body, acidity and sugars).

The illustration appropriates elements of the black and red figure pottery that originate from the past, and enriches them with a more modern, mechanistic rendering, creating an oscillation between past and future.

The narrative begins with the oenotecture poster, continues with the panorama of Athens and is completed with the coupling posters of the Athenian architectural landmarks with grape varieties.

The selected buildings are presented in their natural space while their molecular status is partially represented through a section of the design. To enhance the physiology of transformation, we created creases on the intersections.