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Global Canopy
Stockholm Environment Institute


Trase is an initiative, created by Global Canopy and SEI and developed by vizzuality. It is a sustainability platform, that transforms our understanding of how companies and governments involved in agricultural commodities' trade, are linked to impacts and opportunities for more sustainable production.

This powerful new approach draws on vast sets of production, trade and customs' data, for the first time laying bare the flows of globally-traded commodities - such as palm oil, soya, beef and timber - at scale.

The symbol derives from the commodities' supply chain. It divides the evolution in 3 chronological states: the past, the present and the future. This classification is made by calculating the relationship between the quality and the quantity of the data outputs from the global commodities trading network.

The past is the state where the eye just observes. It collects data but it doesn't combine them. In the present the eye evolves into a data miner, collecting and combining previously unexploited data from the trading routes. The opaque shell of the global supply chain is turning transparent. The future is what happens because of trase, the goal in itself: transparency for sustainable economies.

The initial sketches became a study of the supply chain flows from start to finish: production > export > import > processing > export > import > retail‚Äč

The introduction of trase symbolises the objective data mining from each export/import nod. After many simplifications, the final symbol fuses the concepts of the observer, the mutation /evolution and the supply chain.

For the lettering of the logo, the objective was to diminish the abbreviation concept and turn it into an action, a verb. A new word is introduced: trase.