New Old Wine World publication


New Old Wine World


'New Old Wine World of Greece' is the first brand interface for Greek wine. A complex publication with multiple functions defined by two separate and cooperative modular mechanisms.

 The first mechanism is called 'Oenotecture' and it is an original system of wine identification and quantitative information analysis, playfully fusing terms and concepts from Oenology and Architecture. It's visualisation derives from the absolute symbol of the Greek identity, the Parthenon. The temple is analysed into the structural members it consists of (column, body, etc) while the wine is analysed into the corresponding molecular structures of its constituents (acidity, alcohol, etc.). The match is based on their functional similarities. Oenotecture communicates its deeper cultural and mechanistic qualities, exponentially enhancing its identity.

The second mechanism is  GPS, a positioning system that analyses the wine varieties into 3 layers of information: the story, the place and the wine. Each layer consists of information that build up a perceptual grid that exploits both technological and cultural qualities.

The narrator of it all is Epicurus Gambardella, a fantastic entity that emerged from the association of Epicurus to Jep Gambardella of “La Grande Bellezza”. The book's illustration creates a proportion to the content. The content analyzes the past and present of the Greek winery in order to show the trends that may arise in the future. In the same way the illustration appropriates elements of the Black-and-Red figure pottery style representing the past, and enriches them with a more modern, mechanistic rendition. An oscillation between two-dimensional and three-dimensional but also between architectural and free-hand.